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March 8th, 2018 - Today we focus our attention on celebrating the social, cultural, economic, and political acheivements of women.  #IWD2018

In honor of International Womens day, we chose to highlight local long Island businesses that are Women-Owned and operated. We caught up with Jenn, the founder and owner of Decor & Lots More of Long Beach, NY and asked her a few questions about her business. We hope her words help inspire or empower you to pursue your own passions.

Hi Jenn, would you explain a little about what your business specializes in

My company is called, Decor & Lots More. I specialize in Home Decor and Interior Design Services. I custom paint furniture and have new and vintage home decor. I am also a designer /decorator helping my clients create a space they feel good in. I specialize in "reclaiming your space" a smarter way to redecorate in a budget. And since it's "more" I also offer arts and craft classes. I can go

How long have you been in business?

My company has been an evolving venture since 2010 I would say, I went full time in 2016, and I opened my own store January 2017.

What made you want to start your own business?

Working a 9 to 5 in a cubical was honestly killing my soul. I knew there was more purpose for me since i did my art while working at my job, weekends, etc at fairs and events. But as the years went on and people would say, “why are you working here?” I decided to set the plan in motion.

How did you make the transition from having just a hobby to actually starting a business?

The creating I did back then was more than a hobby,  i sold my things when I created anything. So many factors went into deciding to quit a job of 15 years. It was a now or never, and I was not going to choose never. And I had lots of people believe in my work. Going back to school for interior design in 2013 to 15, I was going to use my skills this time.

What were some of the challenges, if any, you faced trying to get your business from an idea to being a reality?

I would say with opening the store, fear and negitive thoughts of, “can this work?”. I had to learn the business end, manage being a creative and doing it alone. Getting through the ugly stuff to know it all comes together or you have a lesson at the end.

Who/what was your biggest influence or supporter?

I can contribute my jump to podcasts and high performance and motivation. I can't imagine someone not doing this on a daily. My mentor is Brendan Burchard, one of the top motivational coaches in the world. His talk on quitting, sealed the deal for me. And of course all the years of support from friends, family and customers gave me added confidence.

Any advice for others looking to make a living by pursuing their own passions?

Do the work inside and out. You need to love what you do, you'll be working 7 days a week when you start. But it's possible, don't overwhelm yourself and second guess it. But if you feel your destiny is elsewhere, go for it. Passion is everything.

Is there anything you'd like to plug or promote to anyone reading this?

I hope people will drop by and feel free to talk with me about design to achieving their goals. I hold manifesting your vision classes all the time and if you need to make a change and create the life you want to live, I suggest attending my next one. Join my mailing list or find me on FB. Also I am sure you catch me on a re-run of Flea Market Flip on HGTV, I'll share with you some of the inside scoop next time I see you. Anything is possible, chase your dreams.

You can find Decor & Lots More at the following location:

Decor & Lots More 

120 W Park Ave Ste 103, Long Beach, NY 11561


Monday - Closed

Tues - Fri 11-6 p

Sat - 11-5p

Sunday - Closed

Website: Decor and Lots More

Decor and Lots More - Google Maps


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